Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change the background of my search engine?

On the top right of your newtab page click the small paintbrush icon. This will open up the background preferences where you can pick from a number of pre-selected background images or colors.

2. How do I change which engine I'm searching from?

To the left of the search box you will see a drop down menu which will allow you to select either Yahoo, Bing, or Google as your search engine. You can enter this menu and choose a different engine to search from any time.

3.How do I check the time and weather?

On the top right of your newtab page, click the cloud icon to see the weather and the clock icon to see the time.

4. How do I change which category I'm searching in?

On the top left of the page you can select Web, Images, or Videos. The default is Web but clicking on any other section will allow you to search specifically in these categories.

5. How do I change which engine I'm searching from when I search via the URL bar?

To change the engine you URL bar searches from you simply need to change the engine the same way you did in FAQ #2.

6. How do I uninstall Search Manager?

You can always contact us at